Cleaning Scheduale                                                                  £ Individual  

Setting the cleaning schedual can be a time consuming one. No bog standard form will do, the system needs to be bespoke to your operation. Every kitchen is different size, equipment, chemicals and staffing aragements. We have templates to give us a head start, but we would need information from you to understand your operation. As with all our records they need to be simple to complete.

If you would like a quote give me a call and tell me about your operation and i will work out a fixed price for you. No pushy sales people here so give me a call.


Carvery Records                                                                          £40.00 year

If you operate a daily carvery we will incorporate the checks required into your daily form, however many venues operate a carvery on a Sunday only for this style of operation we supply an A4 form printed on 160gm card with all the checks required  along with space for notes and staff on duty.

Supplied in a presentation file with 60 forms.

Food Safety Quiz                                                                             £12.50  

The food safety quiz is a great tool to remind staff about the importance of food safety, it also helps the business show due diligence in testing staff knowledge. Great to file with your staff training file.

10 Quiz sheets supplied with 1 Answer sheet.


Staff Hand Book                                                                                £25.00 

Great for new starters or existing staff, the hand book covers all aspects of food hygiene. Reminding staff of the importance of following the food safety systems you  have put in place. 

 10 Hand books supplied.