After developing the food safety system we looked at using the same principles for fire safety with great results, this is not rocket science just a logical approach to a task that needs to be completed to help ensure a safe environment for customers and staff. 

Fire Safety System                                                                    £59.50 Year 

The fire safety system is based on three forms as detailed below. The system is sent with all the forms you need for a year and come complete in a personalised presentation file to store your records.

(Please note in the first year there is a one off set up charge of £49.50 to cover          the cost of developing the forms to meet the needs of your business, once you           have started using the system minor changes can be made with no additional        charge.)

Monthly Internal Inspection

The monthly form is set up detailing all the fire safety equipment you have in place room by room. (extinguishers, signs, emergency lights, fire exit doors) As you walk around your premises you check that all the equipment is in place, in date or working. 

(12 monthly record forms included)

Fire Evacuation Test

The frequancy of fire evacuation tests will be set through your risk assesment, many run monthly as most other checks are completed monthly. This form is designed to record all partisipents of the test, detailing any deficencies for further training along with time taken.

(12 record forms included)

Fire Alarm Test

The frequancy of the fire evacuation test will be set through your risk assesment, most run weekly tests as it is a quick and simple test. The form is designed to record the method of activation, date, time, any deficencies.

(Record forms with space for 60 alarm tests included)

Fire Risk Assesment Template                                                 £ individual

The fire risk assesment template is designed to get you started. It works like this,          I would to talk to the person responsible for fire safety in the business and talk through the measures in place now and confirm that standard procedures are in place. I get details about the premises, location of assembly point and alarm panel along with any special characteristics of the premises or operation. From this information I will produce a risk assesment. Please note this is a working document I leave extra spaces on all sections for you to add to the assesment. The assesment needs to be reviewed each year to ensure it is still relevent. We suggest at this stage you have the option to keep the document with hand written alterations or call us to update the assesment and reprint. (A charge will be made for this service the cost will depend on the amount of changes needed.)

Staff Hand Book & Quiz                                                                   £25.00

Great for new starters or existing staff, the hand book covers all aspects of fire safety, reminding staff of the importance of following the system you have put in place. the hand book includes a quiz based on the information in the book. Check the answers to see that your staff understand and keep them as part of your training records. 

10 hand books supplied.